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The recommended way to upgrade is to write a stable disk image to the sd card. If you want to get the latest changes, or upgrade without reimaging, see upgrading from git

Before upgrading with a new disk image, it is advised to backup the pypilot.conf file, and copy it back again. If you are upgrading through a package manager this is not an issue.

All of the pypilot settings are stored in a small text file pypilot.conf. This file is in json format and can be edited with a text editor.

  1. tinypilot - located in /home/tc/.pypilot/pypilot.conf
  2. openplotter - located in /home/pi/.pypilot/pypilot.conf

Copy this file somewhere before overwriting the disk image, and copy it back afterwards.

If you do not, it will be a fresh pypilot without calibration and you will need to recalibrate and adjust all of the settings again.

For upgrading microprocessors see upgrading arduino sketches

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