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If pypilot fails to run properly, it is possible to get much more debugging information.

First completely disable the autotpilot from the openplotter gui.

$ ps aux | grep python

Make sure there is no pypilot running. You can usually kill it with

$ killall python

Take care because this command will kill all python processes

Now, to test only the imu sensors to ensure they are working correctly

$ pypilot_boatimu

You should see pitch roll yaw working. Stop with Ctrl-c

To test the motor controller

$ pypilot_servo

You should see voltage current etc. Stop again with Ctrl-c

Finally, try

$ pypilot

If there are still no errors the autopilot should be working. Leaving this command running, in another terminal try:

$ pypilot_control
$ pypilot_calibration

If these fail to connect for some reason, pass them (one time should be enough after that they remember)

$ pypilot_calibration

Report any errors or issues to the forum

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