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pypilot is a free software autopilot. To form a working autopilot you need both software and hardware components.

pypilot is free software and can run on a variety of hardware, however at this time these are the supported platforms:

  1. tinypilot - minimal power consumption, small lcd, remote control, raspberry pi zero w
  2. openplotter - full chart plotter, raspberry pi 3
  3. used successfully on different orange pi boards running ubuntu

It is recommended to choose either tinypilot or openplotter

There are 4 supported control interfaces:

More guides

  1. troubleshooting if the software fails to work properly
  2. motor controller differ controller options
  3. rudder drive motor How to drive the rudder
  4. upgrade software upgrade without losing settings
  5. calibration - required for correct operation
  6. tuning gains - improve performance

The autopilot has worked successfully sailing hundreds of miles on s/v alexandra as well as reported successful on more than a dozen other vessels including boats with hydraulic pumps, and heavy steel cruising boats.

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