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 +Rudder feedback is useful to prevent the drive motor from stalling. ​  It also provides nmea output of the rudder angle which can be displayed in opencpn.
 +A typical rudder feedback sensor has 3 wires. ​ These wires go to a potentiometer which changes resistance with rudder angle.
 +It is possible to use rudder feedback with only 2 wires. ​ In this case, the correct resistor needs to be placed in series with the rudder indicator.
 +The resistors on the motor controller can be replaced depending on the resistance of the rudder feedback used.  Typically a potentiometer from 1k to 20k resistance is used, but if the resistance is higher or lower, different resistor values are needed.
 +The rudder feedback can be calibrated using either openplotter interface, or pypilot plugin for opencpn.
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