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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-  * pypilot_boatimu 
-For testing just the imu (inertial sensors) it is useful to run this script. ​  If an autopilot is not needed, ​ and only calibrated compass, this script can be used as well.  openplotter uses it for "imu only" mode. 
-pi@openplotter:​~ $  pypilot_boatimu 
-Settings file not found. Using defaults and creating settings file 
-Using settings file RTIMULib.ini 
-Detected MPU9250/​MPU9255 at standard address 
-Using fusion algorithm Kalman STATE4 
-IMU Name: MPU-925x 
-min/max compass calibration not in use 
-Using ellipsoid compass calibration 
-Using accel calibration 
-MPU-925x init complete 
-The pitch, roll and heading are now output to the console, and the pypilot_calibration can be used. 
-  * pypilot_nmea 
-To test nmea connections,​ and also to relay nmea data between tcp port 20220 and any nmea serial devices connected 
-  * pypilot 
-This runs the full autopilot which includes all of the above services as well as the autopilot control loop 
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