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The motor controller sketch is located in pypilot/arduino/motor of the pypilot git repository.

This sketch can run on pypilot motor controllers, arduino nano and other similar boards.

To upgrade the sensors, the recommended system is openplotter, or another linux system with arduino support installed.

First it is essential to ensure no other processes are accessing the serial port. For example

sudo service pypilot stop
sudo service gpsd stop

Other processes such as signalk-node-server or even opencpn (or others) may be configured to access the serial port, so ensure they are not running.

To install the software needed to compile and load the sketch:

$ sudo apt install arduino
$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd pypilot/arduino/motor
$ make upload

For pypilot official motor controllers, and cases running over /dev/ttyAMA0 there is no reset ability for upload, so it is essential to apply power to the controller at the precise moment avrdude runs.

If there is a failure, copy the avrdude command displayed on the console from “make upload” and paste it. Apply power to the motor controller at the same moment as executing the command.

If there is a failure, repeat the “make upload” command several times. It may be necessary to modify the Makefile and adjust the DEVICE or BAUDRATE. Some boards use a BAUDRATE of 115200, others will use 57600.

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