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The lcd keypad and remote control interface uses a small (nokia5110) daylight visible display to configure pypilot.

Most IR remotes can be used, for different remotes see programming remotes

The initial screen shows the current course, and under “standby” or the course to hold if the autopilot is engauged.

Below the icons

  • C - Compass
  • G - GPS
  • W - Wind
  • T - True Wind

Appear if the data is available for these modes, and the current mode is outlined with a box.

Below “WIFI” is displayed if the access point “pypilot” can be created, and the cursor in the lower left blinks when the program is working.

The Buttons on the keypad/remote:

  • AUTO - (power) engauge / close menu
  • MENU - (mute) enter or select in menu
  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - change course, select in menu
  • SELECT (AV/TV) - change mode / exit menu

Once the autopilot computer is mounted, it should be leveled to the boat. To do this, enter the menu→calibrate→level.

Next, it is advisable to set the max_current of the motor to a low enough value to trigger on end of travel to prevent stalling. From the menu→settings→motor→max_current set an appropriate value.

Once the boat completes a circle the compass should be calibrated and ready to use.

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