isolated USB to NMEA RS422 Adaptor

Compatible with marine equipment NMEA
  • ADM2484 provides galvanic isolation, short circuit protection, and electrostatic discharge circuitry
  • bi-directional isolated serial data transfer- baud rate 300 to 1,000,000- mini usb connector
  • works with RS422 and RS232.
  • ch340 usb serial converter supports linux/windows/mac
  • 1500 volt isolation prevents ground loops and equipment damage
  • protected from transients by TVS diode
  • low current consumption
  • tested with standard horizon GX2100 receiving AIS messages into OpenCPN
  • tested with NMEA depth sounder

rs422 connections A and B are inputs, Y and Z are outputs
rs232 use A NMEA common, B NMEA IN (+), Y NMEA common, Z NMEA OUT(+)

leds indicate data is being sent and or received. If led stays lit without data, there is a wiring problem. Ensure both A and B for receiving and/or Z and Y for transmitting are secured. From a serial console ensure baud is correct. NMEA uses 4800 8N1, or 38400 8N1 for high speed such as AIS. If data is received but garbage, try reversing A/B or Y/Z.  Recognized on linux as /dev/ttyUSB* Other OS may require drivers

3d printed enclosure

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