hydraulic controller


Controller for reversible hydraulic pump motors up to 20 amps continuous output and supports 12/24 volts.

This controller uses higher quality parts with half the resistance (twice the efficiency) of the regular controller for the same power, but supports 3x the current. It is also mounted in a metal enclosure to dissipate heat effectively.

  1. overtemperature, overcurrent (stall) detection
  2. fuse and reverse polarity protection
  3. voltage, current, temperature and rudder feedback
  4. optional port/starboard end of travel input switches
  5. Serial communication with optical isolation, prevent ground loops and other electrical problems
  6. Waterproof 4 pin connection to autopilot computer (serial communication)
  7. Waterproof 3 pin connection to rudder feedback.
  8. Optional motor/pump temperature sensor.
  9. Anodized aluminum enclosure.
  10. Modular design, arduino based, open source software
For hydraulic pumps it is recommended to have rudder feedback or end of travel switches.

The prototype of this controller is described here: http://phoenixketch.blogspot.com/2019/01/pypilot-open-source-marine-autopilot.html

This controller needs to be paired with a suitable autopilot computer such as tinypilot or openplotter.



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