mpu9255 inertial sensors raspberry pi


These inertial sensors with adaptor plugs directly into the raspberry pi GPIO 40 pin header using the first 10 pins. It provides the 9-axis IMU sensors needed for autopilot. It also provides pins for vcc, tx, rx, gnd for serial communication to motor controller.

These are already included in the tinypilot autopilot computer. They are also already included in the openplotter moitessier hat, so this is only needed if you have no sensors.

If you have a raspberry pi (typically running openplotter) and want to build your own autopilot computer, these offer a neat solution without jumper wires.

These sensors are also already tested to eliminate bad ones.

The mpu9255 attaches to the i2c bus address 0x68. From a console execute "i2cdetect -y 1" to verify it is working.

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