minimal weather sensors

Measures wind speed and direction as well as barometric pressure. Compatible with pypilot for wind-steering modes, and opencpn for display and data logging.

  • Output: nmea0183 to usb as virtual serial port
  • Output rate: 10hz wind, 1hz pressure
  • Precision: 0.1 degree wind direction, 0.01 millibar
  • Cable: micro usb (not included)

    This is the minimal version without display or enclosure. For a version with display and enclosure see: weather sensors with display

    The pressure sensor used is bmp280. This does not include the analog anenometer! The anemometer must use 4 wire type with analog wind direction and digital pulse for wind speed. The actual anenometer is available from other sites such as:

    It is possible to build your own sensors using a potentiometer for wind direction, and a reed switch and magnet for wind speed. For more information about the davis anenometer see:

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