pypilot motor controller

Add the abs enclosure option to get the enclosure pictured, otherwise only the electronics, and you can use your own enclosure. This motor controller can be used to drive a brushed motor to move the rudder.

  • can drive most existing autopilot drive units such as tillerpilot and wheel pilot
  • overtemperature, overcurrent (stall) detection
  • fuse and reverse polarity protection
  • voltage, current, temperature monitoring
  • optional rudder feedback
  • optional port/starboard end of travel input switches
  • serial communication with optical isolation, prevent ground loops and other electrical problems
  • waterproof connector to serial communication.
  • enclosure is 85x58x33mm (3.35"x2.28"x1.23") *extra optional
  • modular design, arduino based, open source software

I offer options for rudder feedback and end stop switches with waterproof connectors, however you may simply solder yourself wires to the circuit board for these which are labeled. These are both optional

I can also add a waterproof connector with 10k NTC sensor for the optional motor temperature, but you can also easily solder yourself. The controller itself has a temperature sensor.


Suitable drive units:

  • tiller pilots wired directly to the motor, tested: autohelm, simrad tp22/tp32, tillermaster, marinepilot 1600
  • Wheel drive units tested: Raymarine ST4000+ MkII Wheel Drive
  • Any suitable rudder drive unit drawing up to 7 amps and stall up to 15 amp, including windshield wiper motors. Direction of travel must be reversed with polarity

This controller needs to be paired with a suitable autopilot computer such as tinypilot or openplotter running pypilot.


The optional clutch output is not usually needed because most tillerpilots and wheelpilots must be engaged manually.

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