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isolated USB to NMEA RS422 Adapter
Compatible with marine equipment NMEA
  • ADM2484 provides galvanic isolation, short circuit protection, and electrostatic discharge circuitry
  • bi-directional isolated serial data transfer- baud rate 300 to 1,000,000- mini usb connector
  • works with RS422 and RS232.
  • ch340 usb serial converter supports linux/windows/mac
  • 1500 volt isolation prevents ground loops and equipment damage
  • protected from transients by TVS diode
  • low current consumption
  • tested with standard horizon GX2100 receiving AIS messages into OpenCPN
  • tested with NMEA depth sounder

rs422 connections A and B are inputs, Y and Z are outputs
rs232 use A NMEA common, B NMEA IN (+), Y NMEA common, Z NMEA OUT(+)

leds indicate data is being sent and or received. If led stays lit without data, there is a wiring problem. Ensure both A and B for receiving and/or Z and Y for transmitting are secured. From a serial console ensure baud is correct. NMEA uses 4800 8N1, or 38400 8N1 for high speed such as AIS. If data is received but garbage, try reversing A/B or Y/Z.  Recognized on linux as /dev/ttyUSB* Other OS may require drivers

3d printed enclosure
433mhz RF remote
Additional 433mhz RF remote, battery included.
One remote is included with the tinypilot and pypilot hat, but you may want additional remotes.
Each remote sends unique codes. They must be programmed to pypilot by visiting:
Or alternately under openplotter eg: http://localhost:33333, depending on how he network is configured.
IR remote control

Infrared Remote control.

This is a cheap remote control and requires the remote to see the IR sensor on tinypilot computer or pypilot hat. Sometimes it works from reflections as well. It maybe useful as a backup remote and is easier than wiring momentary switches.
For a better remote, consider the 433mhz wireless remote control.
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