Motor Controllers

The motor controller communicates with the autopilot computer to drive the rudder.
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pypilot motor controller
This motor controller can be used to drive a brushed motor to move the rudder.

  • Can drive most existing autopilot drive units for boats up to 40 ft
  • overtemperature, overcurrent (stall) detection
  • fuse and reverse polarity protection
  • voltage, current, temperature and optional rudder feedback
  • Optional port/starboard end of travel input switches
  • Serial communication with optical isolation, prevent ground loops and other electrical problems
  • Waterproof connection to serial communication.
  • Waterproof enclosure is 85x58x33mm (3.35"x2.28"x1.23")
  • Modular design, arduino based, open source software

Suitable drive units:

  • tiller pilots wired directly to the motor, tested: autohelm, simrad tp22/tp32, tillermaster, marinepilot 1600
  • Wheel drive units tested: Raymarine ST4000+ MkII Wheel Drive
  • Any suitable rudder drive unit drawing 2-3 amps and stall up to 15 amp, including windshield wiper motors. Direction of travel must be reversed with polarity

This controller needs to be paired with a suitable autopilot computer such as tinypilot or openplotter.

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