Autopilot Computers

This is a complete autopilot computer with all of the sensors needed and pypilot installed and operating.
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tinypilot computer

This is a compute autopilot computer for pypilot.

  • raspberry pi zero W (wifi enabled)
  • mpu9255 (tested to eliminate bad parts)
  • IR sensor + remote for remote control
  • nokia5110 (daylight visible) display
  • microsd card pre-loaded with tinypilot image (derivative of tinycore linux)
  • power adaptor for 12v power with switch and reverse polarity protection
  • enclosure 85x58x33mm (3.35"x2.28"x1.23")

tinypilot is my own custom linux distribution designed specifically for pypilot. This distribution is based off of tinycore linux, and runs completely out of ram after booting offering superior stability.

tinypilot OS is compatible with all models of raspberry pi.

This current draw is 0.07 A at 12 volts with wifi enabled.

An access point "pypilot" is automatically created. It can be configured from a browser and opencpn pypilot plugin.

pypilot is compatible with opencpn (I am a major contributor to OpenCPN)


  • Compass mode - maintain compass bearing
  • GPS - maintain course over ground if connected over (usb, or network)
  • wind (both true and apparent) if wind sensors are provided (usb or network)

A fully functioning autopilot requires 3 parts:

  • autopilot computer (this product)
  • controller
  • rudder drive motor.
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