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pypilot is an open source marine autopilot.


Finally, a liberated autopilot!


seandepagnier at gmail dot com

I recommend "pypilot" in the subject to avoid spam filter.

Also consider a donation as this is free software. Donations are greatly appreciated and enable me to experiment with new sensors or hardware and create future projects.



Review upgrading pypilot guide prior to overwriting an existing image.

Openplotter image

Openplotter can be used with any raspberry pi. pypilot is included in openplotter, you just need imu sensors and a motor controller.

Tinypilot image

Disk images

Latest tinypilot_beta_2024_03_25.img.xz

Previous tinypilot_2021_11_16.img.xz

Pi4/Pi zero 2 (stelian's image) tinypilot13-20211126.img.xz

More Images

This image is compressed with xz and first must be extracted.

With linux, you can extract with unxz then write the image, or use xzcat directly. be sure to replace /dev/sda with device of sdcard. Please make sure to use the correct device as this can destroy your filesystem!! use "df" command to verify

            xzcat tinypilot_beta_2024_03_25.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=4M
If you get "permission denied" try as root by first running "sudo su"

For windows, try winrar or 7zip to extract.

See the raspberry documentation for writing disk images.

Tinypilot is a special linux distribution based on tinycore linux This is more stable than openplotter and light weight running out of ram. It works well on the single core raspberry zero and zero-W. Tinypilot is supported on raspberry 0, 1, 2, 3, but not 3+ or 4 (yet) for these you can use openplotter to run pypilot.

Requires inertial sensors, preferably mpu9255 or mpu9250. Optional to connect a nokia5110 LCD display to the spi pins, and to use a 4 or 5 button keypad wire to gpio. Also an optional IR sensor on GPIO pin 4 can be used by any TV remote.

OpenCPN Plugin

For controlling and configuring pypilot.

Windows: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/seandepagnier/pypilot-pi/build/artifacts

For other OS compile from git https://github.com/pypilot/pypilot_pi

I am sold out!

If you order from the store, the lead time is 6-8 weeks at this time as I am awaiting more parts.

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